A Valuable and Memorable Resource

Give your Chamber members and readers a truly memorable and valuable resource, not a just aConnect14-15_Cover boring membership directory.

Fresh New Ideas

Just because you’re in the Chamber of Commerce business doesn’t mean your Chamber publication has to look like any other Chamber’s. We know your board and chamber members count on you to lead with purpose, passion and creativity and to provide new ideas as a basis for building a vital community organization.


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Unique Design & Style

At EasyChair Media, we don’t create from templates. We start each Chamber Magazine and Chamber Directory with a blank slate.  We combine fresh, meaningful content and unique design elements to reflect your organization’s individual purpose and style, goals and objectives, tell the stories of your Chamber members with passion, and reflect the leadership qualities and characteristics of your organization.

Increase Revenues

Cover_AWLP15We’ll teach you how to increase your revenues without expanding page count and turn your online version into an interactive story book that your members will surely want to participate in and your readers will love.