If you’re doing multi-platform marketing you should also be doing cross-platform marketing (a.k.a. cross-channel marketing). Chances are you’re already doing it to some extent. Do you put “Follow us on Facebook” in your print ads? Does your mobile website offer a direct link to follow you on Twitter? Does the QR code in your mailer take people to your fan page?

There are countless ways to link – and sync – traditional marketing (think TV, radio and print ads, flyers, newsletters, etc.) with social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, social bookmarking, Foursquare, email). Here are 20 simple but effective ideas:

  1. Include a QR code in your restroom door ad. (Smartphone users can scan it – even through the plexiglasscover.)
  2. Post your Facebook or Twitter address in your store window.
  3. Make it easy for customers to request your catalog, brochure or free samples via your Facebook fan page.
  4. Add a testimonial from a review site to your print media. (e.g. “Mike’s Plumbing was affordable and on time.” – Yelp.com user
  5. Offer printable coupons for people who “like” your Facebook page or write a review about your company.
  6. Use your social media sites to promoting your offline marketing efforts. (e.g. “Check this Sunday’s paper for a special discount.”
  7. Promote your social media sites – with clickable links – in your e-newsletters. Promote your social media sites – with spelled out sites (www.Facebook.com/EasyChairMedia) – in print newsletters.
  8. Post photos and videos from store events on your blog, website, YouTube, etc.
  9. Mention your mobile app, blog, Facebook site, etc. on radio and TV appearances or commercials.
  10. Get opt-ins for texts, emails and/or e-newsletters at business expos, job fairs and other events.
  11. Include a QR code on all receipts that takes customers directly to a forum, review site or your Foursquare site.
  12. Create a special for loyal customers to use in your store and promote it on Foursquare.
  13. Create a contest for fans to videotape themselves using your product or service. Have them post it on YouTube then promote it using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  14. Mention your social media efforts in presentations, classes and promotional videos.
  15. Promote your social media sites on signs, banners and billboards.
  16. Use podcasts to complement offline marketing efforts. For example, a Realtor that uses recorded information (e.g. a for sale sign that instructs potential homebuyers to tune in to AM 1340 for more information) may also want to reference podcasts that provide more information on the home or buying and selling in general.
  17. Promote virtual tours in traditional media. For example, a travel company may want to videotape a virtual tour of a tropical locale.
  18. Create opportunities in your brick-and-mortar store for customers to share deals and promotions with friends. For example, a customer can scan a QR code on a coat’s tag using her smartphone, then easily share a photo and price with a friend (via email or Facebook).
  19. Create photos of your inventory and post them on Pinterest.
  20. Join online forums to answer questions relating to your products, service or industry with a signature line that includes your website and phone number. For example, a wine expert may answer questions to position himself as an expert, then include contact information for his winery for those who wish to follow up or order wine.

How do YOU sync social media and traditional marketing? Share your tips here.