Putting broccoli on your kid’s plate doesn’t mean he’ll eat it. But does one refusal mean it’s time to give up? Of course not. Get creative!  You’re a marketing genius, right? Just pretend you’re trying to convert customers on your ecommerce site instead:

  1. Put cheese on the broccoli. (Offer a bonus with purchase!)
  2. Tell him Spiderman eats broccoli. (Celebrity endorsements!)
  3. Let him see another kid his age eating it. (Post testimonials!)
  4. Bribe him. (Offer coupon codes!)
  5. Tell him broccoli will help him grow tall. (List the benefits, not just features!)
  6. Blend the broccoli into something else. (Make it easy for your customers to buy!)
  7. Tell him that if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to eat it. (Post your refund policy!)
  8. Let him grow his own broccoli. (Get the customer engaged with contests, polls or comments!)
  9. Serve the broccoli raw with ranch dressing. (Build alternative formats – such as a version for mobile!)
  10. Offer it again another night. (Re-engage hesitators with last-ditch messaging or a live chat!)

 Photo by Stuart Miles

Yes, there are plenty of ways to increase your conversion rate. Here are another 23 ideas:


  1. Lower your prices.
  2. Change your call to action.
  3. Lower your shipping rates.
  4. Improve your off-site ad copy to make it more appealing and more accurate.
  5. Add a trust seal to all pages, not just the homepage or check-out page.
  6. Use landing pages (instead of just a homepage) and try several versions.
  7. Make your navigation more user-friendly.
  8. Add more payment methods, such as PayPal.
  9. Increase your site’s speed so pages load faster.
  10. Add more photos of products (e.g. in other colors).
  11. Add a video showing how to use your products.
  12. Add before and after photos or use videos to show the benefits of your product.
  13. Improve the ad copy on the ecommerce site itself.
  14. Decrease the number of clicks it takes to make a purchase.
  15. Make your site more visually appealing and professional looking.
  16. Track the results of your changes.
  17. Optimize your site with keywords and phrases.
  18. Increase the number of ways your customers can reach you (phone, email, live chat, etc.).
  19. Add a “Deal of the Day.”
  20. Include a Frequently Asked Questions section.
  21. Respond to questions immediately.
  22. Post any money-back guarantees you offer.
  23. Show “Best Sellers.”
  24. Indicate other items that people interested in Product A purchased. (Like Amazon’s “”Frequently Bought Together.”)
  25. Put newsworthy pieces in a prominent location. (Example: Post a link to the story about smoking causing memory loss next to your new herbal smoking-cessation product.)
  26. Evaluate your current click-throughs to see what’s working and what’s not.
  27. Offer free or low-cost gift-wrapping for those who don’t want to pay for shipping twice.
  28. Offer easy sign-in through Facebook.
  29. Recommend products according to the customer’s recent purchase.
  30. Send email reminders for those who still have items in their shopping cart.
  31. Add a photo of yourself to build trust.
  32. Offer e-gift certificates with birthday, anniversary and Mother’s Day reminders. (“Your mother’s birthday is tomorrow. Quick, send an e-gift certificate!”)
  33. Add a search function.
  34. Monitor the Web for detracting statements (such as bad customer service or faulty products). Apologize. Fix the problem. Re-engage the customer with a generous discount to encourage them to do business with you again.

With the typical ecommerce conversion rate (number of orders divided by number of visits) is anywhere from 1 percent to 2.5 percent, anything about 2.5 percent is good. Aim high without giving away all your profits. Cheese-covered broccoli is a compromise. Chocolate-covered broccoli is a shutout.

What’s your biggest struggle with ecommerce conversion? Share your challenge here.