We know not everyone is a marketing guru, so first things first: when we talk about mobile marketing, we’re generally referring to technology like smartphones, iPads and tablets (mobile) and QR codesSMS text messagescoupons and Web searches (marketing).

Now on to the good stuff! Whether you’re just now hearing about mobile marketing or have been dipping your toe into the water, we think you’ll get an edge with these little-known tips.

  1. FACT: Most mobile users don’t drag along full-size keyboards (although devices like the iPad do have some pretty nice, thin Bluetooth keyboards!) so they tend to make more typos then desktop users.

TIP: Use this information to your advantage and include common misspellings in your SEO efforts. Mobify CEO Igor Faletski suggests turning off auto-correct spell checker on your own mobile device, typing each of your top 10 keyword phrases 10 times each, then look for the misspellings.

  1. FACT: According to V3im.com, mobile users will abandon a website after three seconds of wait time, and a one-second delay in load time can lead to 11 percent fewer page views.

TIP: Make your mobile site usable, fast and as simple as possible to get the job done. Visitors don’t want to have to zoom in on everything, they want to be able to navigate easily and they don’t want to wait around while tons of graphics load.

  1. FACT: Lots of mobile users opt to turn their images off to avoid anything unworthy that can quickly eat up their data plan.

TIP: Don’t fill your email with graphics. Viewers may see a hole or worse – may have to scroll down to get to your message (which some won’t bother to do.)

  1. FACT: According to Googleone in three mobile searches have local intent.

TIP: Localize your content whenever possible – and make sure it’s optimized for mobile visitors.

  1. FACT: Mobile users are more likely to act immediately (within 24 hours) after doing a search on their mobile device. That’s partly because unlike desktop users, they can be online and in a store at the same time. They’re searches are also more specific. In fact, Microsoft’s stats say that 70 percent of search tasks on PCs are completed in about a week, while 70 percent of search tasks on mobile devices are completed in about ONE HOUR!

TIP: Make it easy for mobile users to call you simply by clicking on a link, or to buy by clicking on a link (then a speedy check out rather than a full registration). Visitors who can opt to avoid a lengthy registration may be more likely to buy if they don’t feel they’ll be bogged down filling out forms on a tiny phone screen and creating a user name and password they’ll need to write down.

Incorporate these tips into your mobile marketing campaigns, or call us or email us to see how affordable it is to have us do it for you!