Standard Digital Conversions

We offer simple digital conversions that bring your ordinary PDFs to life, while maintaining your editorial quality and integrity. We include live links and many other standard features, including printing and sharing capabilities.

Ask for a demo for a complete list of standard and customizable features.

Custom Digital Magazines

Replica print magazines are not always as effective nor engaging as they could be if they were originally designed with the Web in mind. That’s where we come in.

As a professional marketing agency and custom publishers, we recognize how much more powerful a digital magazine or digital collateral can be when it’s designed specifically for the Web. 

We create custom digital magazines for the Web. Whether in print and digital format, or just digital, our primary focus is on results. Our goal is to maximize the time your readers spend with your publication, and to prompt them to act and interact as often as possible, whether it’s in traditional magazine format or a contemporary Web format.

We can customize every ad and every page to create an optimum experience for your readers and maximize the returns on your marketing investment. From custom layout to digital photography, to video, to commercials, blogs and other social media, our digital technology and custom layouts simply demand attention…and inspire interaction from beginning to end. Custom development is sure to help you build your subscription base.

A Turnkey Solution

From there, we can recommend and implement promotion and distribution channels and manage your email marketing and distribution for maximum returns on your digital marketing investment.

It’s all up to you. Call us now for a custom quote! 970-686-5805