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Developing a Marketing Plan


If you think of some of the biggest events and successes in your life, you’ll realize few were spontaneous or purely due to luck. Your wedding, buying your first house, paying down debt, starting a business – they all began with a plan. Plans are what help you decide on a goal, determine how to get there and know when you’re making progress (or not). Ditto for your marketing plan.


The Details

Assuming you have a small business (vs. a huge...

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Señor Jalapeño of Windsor, Colorado:

A before and after example of cross-channel marketing for

a small business with a small budget


The Business: Señor Jalapeño is a family-owned and operated authentic Mexican...

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We know not everyone is a marketing guru, so first things first: when we talk about mobile marketing, we’re generally referring to technology like smartphones, iPads and tablets (mobile) and QR codes, SMS text messages,...

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Most small business owners know that there are ways to use a blog for business, they just don’t know how to put one to use for THEIR business. It’s common for entrepreneurs, for example, to think along the lines of, “Well, it makes sense for a huge accounting firm that has a marketing department, because they have plenty of changing regulations and laws to write about – and the means to assign someone to do it. But I’m just a small … (fill in the blank: retail store, Realtor, ecommerce business).”

The truth of the matter is...

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Even if you’re not a techie, you may have heard something about the big changes regarding Google’s search results. The short version is that they’ve changed their algorithms (i.e. the method they use to determine the quality of a site’s content), and now the search engines are even better at determining good content from bad (e.g. stuffing an article with so many keywords that it makes it virtually...

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If you’re doing multi-platform marketing you should also be doing cross-platform marketing (a.k.a. cross-channel marketing). Chances are you’re already doing it to some extent. Do you put “Follow us on Facebook” in your print ads? Does your mobile website...

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Putting broccoli on your kid’s plate doesn’t mean he’ll eat it. But does one refusal mean it’s time to give up? Of course not. Get creative!  You’re a marketing genius, right? Just pretend you’re trying to convert customers on your ecommerce site instead:

  1. Put cheese on the broccoli. (Offer a bonus with purchase!)
  2. Tell him Spiderman eats broccoli. (Celebrity endorsements!)
  3. Let him see another kid his age eating it. (Post testimonials!)
  4. Bribe him. (Offer coupon codes!)
  5. Tell him broccoli will help him...
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Are you making a list and checking it twice?

You should be, because list building is about quality more so than quantity. In fact, you should be thinking of  opt-outs as positives, not negatives. They keep you from annoying people (which helps you avoid or decrease detractors), and they raise your open rate.  (According to Lyris, open rates are about 15 percent.)


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Lucky you! There are two Denver homes for sale in your price range! Both homes are $595,000, near water, have quiet neighbors and are within walking distance to a school! So assuming all things equal, you should just buy the cheapest one, right?

Well here’s the deal: House No. 1 is on the lake in a neighborhood filled with working professionals and an award-winning charter school...